Program Details

Customize to Suit Your Needs
While I find that the most significant and lasting changes occur through Holistic Life Coaching when a commitment is made to participate for a minimum of six months, it is also important to me to make a variety of programs available to fit individual financial situations, as well as time and energy resources. If you don't see something listed below that suits you, we can create a customized program based on your needs.
I see clients in person at my office in the Bedfordshire neighbourhood of LUTON. I also offer phone sessions for "at a distance" clients and local clients wishing to maximize their time, energy and environmental resources.
Initial Coaching Session
I strongly recommend an initial 90-minute coaching session as a prerequisite to beginning one of the ongoing programs. It is an opportunity for us to roll up our sleeves and intentionally set the course of our work.

During this session we will:
  • Clearly define what it is that you want to accomplish through our work together.
  • Excavate any blocks or obstacles that may have hindered you in the past.
  • Create an intuitive, dynamic plan of action to help you achieve your objectives.
  •  We'll also:    
  • Clarify our mutual intentions and commitments.
  • Define how I can best support your process.
  • Establish markers to track your progress.
  • Set up the parameters of our work (how often we meet, one to one or phone, etc.)
If what you've been doing no longer works for you, you can choose to move forward today. You have the power to change the direction of your life. Reach for your dream - don't just imagine it.
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