Sometimes we find our lives have become totally out of control and we are overwhelmed with responsibilities.
There are points in our lives when we feel somewhat stuck in a pothole, surrounded by in so mountable problems and unable to find our way out again. HLC shows you how to look at the bigger picture. "We can't solve our problems from the same consciousness that caused those problems" Einstein. HLC is about freeing ourselves from constraints which prevent us wholeheartedly being the individuals we want to be.

My aim is to help my clients achieve their goals, and in the process, recognise their underlying greatness and gain access to deeper levels of personal wisdom. By showing you how to look at your life from a different perspective, it enables you to see what needs to be done to get you back on track.

How can Holistic Life Coaching help you?

  • Embrace and live your Life Purpose.
  • Overcome limiting mindset,  Create more time in your life for the things that matter most - do more of what you love and less of what depletes you.
  • Strengthen your Core Self: reawaken your self-confidence, self-esteem and inner-wisdom.
  • Unearth and transform self-sabotaging behaviours that have kept you feeling stuck and small (in work, relationships, finance, health, etc.)
What is Holistic Life Coaching?
Holistic Life Coaching is not therapy, its training.  Together we work to strengthen your Core self – that part of you who knows exactly who you are, what you need and what kind of life you really want to live.
Unlike traditional coaching that focuses solely on goal setting and achievement, Holistic Life Coaching focuses on the complete state of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Complete state means you'll have more energy, clarity and strength to make choices that support your whole self, not just bits and pieces.  HLC supports you in fashioning a life that you absolutely love and deserve.
How it works
Together we evaluate what's working in your life, what's not working, and what you are ready to change.  We craft an individualized, dynamic plan of action – a step by step program to help you achieve your specific objectives and to enhance your overall life satisfaction. 
Together we will:
Get clear on who you truly are, who you're becoming and what kind of life you really want to live; Get going on the day to day actions and the new ways of thinking that will transform you and your life; and Get through the obstacles and old patterns of behaviour that inevitably arise so that you can overcome them once and for all. We meet regularly - through phone sessions or in person - so that the changes you're making integrate deeply and you have access to immediate support when you need it most – during the transition out of old patterns of behaviour and into new ones.
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