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About Us

purpose drivent


Purpose Driven trust limited has charitable status and is a not for profit organisation.

Our Mission: is to help each child/young person between the ages of 8-18 from socially and economically disadvantage communities to maximise their full potential and fulfil their true potential.

Our Goal: is to transform the mind sets of children and young adults by:

  • Raising their aspirations and maximizing their gifts and talents to become leaders in their own right, and community champions for the benefit of the next generation;
  • Helping them strive to fulfil their dreams and goals;
  • Encouraging and motivating them to be responsible and respectful toward self, others and the wider community; and
  • Equipping them to develop and achieve personal excellence and integrity, and to empower self and others for the benefit of society as a whole.
Our aspiration is to work with external agencies, educational bodies, parents, family members, teenage mothers and the wider community to ensure the needs of each child /young person are fully met.

"Cherish your dreams; they are the children of your soul, the blueprint of your ultimate achievement." Napoleon Hill

Activities and Services

  • purpose drivent

    Outcome of Activities and Services.

    Our educational services improve relationship with staff, teachers and parents by.

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  • purpose drivent

    Who are our Clients?

    1)Youth groups & young adults
    3)Schools educational bodies
    4)Local authority
    6)Faith organisation and groups.

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